VortSentry storm sewer upgrade, Markham, ON


Courtesy of Armtec

Customer: Brennan Paving
Engineering Firm: URS Consultants
Contractor: Brennan Paving
Approving Agency: URS Consultants & M.O.E.

Project Details:

This project involved the widening and improving the existing storm sewers on Warden Avenue in the Town of Markham. Some of the products supplied on this job included BOSS® 2000 HDPE storm sewer pipe, CSP culverts and two storm water treatment units.

The Challenge:

Originally, the hydrodynamic separator units supplied by Armtec were not specified on the project. In response, Armtec proposed the application of two CONTECH VortSentry units, Models VS60 and VS70. By virtue of the superior performance, ease of installation and maintenance accessibility of both units in comparison to other products, the Consultant and the Ministry of Environment both accepted the proposal.


The process of installation of the unit was very straight-forward and went smoothly to the delight of the Contractors, Brennan Paving and the York Region Inspectors. The jobsite was located on Warden Avenue, between 14th Avenue and McNabb Street. Installation started at 9 am and took only 45 minutes to complete! Prior to installation of the VortSentry units the Contractor completed the excavation and compaction of bedding, followed by the installation of a safety box.

The installation process involved placing the factory assembled VortSentry units inside the safety box and subsquently connecting them to the existing storm sewers. The York Region Inspectors and Brennan Paving were very impressed with the ease of installation and the short time required to install the units. Both organizations expressed appreciation for the support of Armtec’s technical on-site representatives.

Customer comments

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