VSEP filters mine tailing pond effluent with no pre-treatment required


Courtesy of New Logic Research, Inc.

New Logic International installed its Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing (VSEP) system in March, 1998 at a major California rare earth mining and manufacturing facility. The VSEP is used for treatment of mine tailing pond effluent at this facility with no pretreatment required. The VSEP system uses nanofiltration followed by ultrafiltration membrane modules and is able to treat the mine tailing pond effluent, reducing suspended and dissolved solids below the required limits for process recycling or discharge. The economics of installing this system are extremely attractive with a 35% reduced capital cost combined with a 53% reduced operating and maintenance costs when compared with conventional treatment technology. The application of VSEP membrane technology to mining and rare earth metals manufacturing facilities (such as lanthanide mining) is found to be an attractive economic alternative to conventional wastewater treatment technology.

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