VSEP filters produced water, saving money while protecting the environment


Courtesy of New Logic Research, Inc.

Every few years, Oil companies will reevaluate new technologies on the market for oily wastewater treatment. Technological improvements have been especially significant in the area of membrane filtration. New Logic Research has developed a proprietary membrane filtration system that is uniquely suited for treatment of Produced Water, Barge and Bilge Water, and Drilling Mud.

The use of a vibrating membrane mechanism to avoid membrane fouling is new and is just the kind of improvement needed to make the use of membrane filtration an effective and economical treatment solution for Oil Drilling operations. New Logic has completed several treatment facility installations using this vibrating membrane system for treating all kinds of petrochemical wastewater. The results have demonstrated many advantages of this new membrane technology when compared to the conventional crossflow filtration techniques and other methods of  treatment. This new membrane system is know as V✧SEP which is an acronym for Vibratory Shear Enhanced Process and is manufactured by New Logic Research at its factory in Emeryville California near San Francisco.

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