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W-Tank, New challenge accomplished


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W-Tank lightness and fast assembly time allow to replace a steel tank in 72 hours

W-Tank, the Bolted Storage Tank made in GFRP, replaced a tank of steel in 72 hours, accomplishing a new challenge of space and time constraints. The W-Tank was preassembled out of the planned place, while the old steel tank was dismantled. Then, it was moved to the point where the previous steel storage tank was placed. The Storage W-Tank has overcome the current space and time limitations thanks to its lightness and versatility. It “flew” over the buildings and constructions to be successfully installed in the desired location.

The move -about 80 meters- was accomplished only with a crane of 2 tones, overcoming different buildings and obstacles of the plant. In spite of adversities and the wind, the W-Tank installation was completed in an excellent way.

The W-Tank N10D6H11 installed in a biofuel company is formed by 10 Salamanca plates, 11 meters high. It is 6 meters diameter and 311 m³ capacity with Flat Cover and it is destined to potable water storage. Furthermore the space constraints, there were some particularities requested by customer.

  • The existing concrete slab of the old steel tank had to be re-used as W-Tank base.
  • To avoid direct contact of content (potable water) with the base, Toro Equipment has created a glass-fiber base to put over the W-Tank concrete slab.
  • The base and the walls of W-Tank were brought together with GFRP to create a robust structure in one piece.

With this successful installation, W-Tank Storage Bolted Tanks consolidate as the ideal tool in harsh environments, complicated logistical arrangements or space and time constraints that need versatile and light solutions in short deadlines.

W-Tank, New challenge accomplished

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