Wafer Thin UV System Lights The Way


Courtesy of atg UV Technology

The long awaited ‘Wafer’ design was unveiled in October at Piscina & Wellness in Barcelona, and it comes as no surprise that this revolutionary new range has already had an enormous impact within the wet leisure industry.

The inclusion of chemical-free UV disinfection is now becoming standard practise for many aquatic facilities worldwide.  UV systems protect against chlorine resistant micro-organisms and reduce combined chlorine levels, which are the cause of unpleasant smells, red eyes, asthma, contamination from bi-products & chemical structural damage.

atg UV Technology’s new WF range, known as the Wafer due to its ultra-compact footprint, is the most compact UV system available in the aquatics market today.  At around a third of the size of comparative UV systems, with significantly reduced maintenance space and improved performance, it offers easy to install and retrofit solutions that will fit the tightest of plant rooms.

Whist the WF range is designed to be the most compact system on the market, its hydraulically optimised design and leading polychromatic lamp technology will also make it one of the most efficient and best performing.  As a minimum, the WF range will provide a 99.9% reduction of chlorine resistant microorganisms, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

This next generation of UV system design has taken the market by storm, with leisure contractors and operators across the world commenting on its unique design and performance.

‘The UV equivalent of the smart phone’

Simon Whittingham, Managing Director at FT Leisure

‘A Revolutionary piece of Kit’

Darryl Gleeson, Sales Director at Sterling Hydrotech

‘Next Generation for the swimming pool industry’

Steve Hallam at David Hallam Ltd

Featuring 4 models in the range, in single lamp and twin lamp configurations, the WF series is suitable for swimming pool flow rates of 5 m3/hr up to 250 m3/hr.  As with atg UV’s market leading ECL and SX ranges, the WF range will include UV Intensity Monitoring, over temperature control, automatic cleaning systems and enhanced safety quick release Twistlok UV Lamps.

Operators will also benefit from the inclusion of atg UV’s premium SPECTRA II control system as standard, which includes a wide range of features such as data stream monitoring, process interlocks and programmable set points.  A key feature includes variable power stepping from 100% to 50% power at no extra cost, allowing operators to optimise the operational power of their system to match bather loads and pool opening times.  

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