Walk Behind Carpet Washing Systems for Commercial Applications

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Cleaning carpets in residences and small offices involves maintaining just a limited space. However, when it comes to full-fledged commercial and industrial carpet maintenance, large carpeted areas need to be cleaned. For this reason, such applications demand the use of portable and compact carpet cleaners that are highly efficient and durable. If you are looking for powerful and versatile carpet washer equipment that will help manage the challenging carpet maintenance applications in casinos, resorts, hospitals, schools, malls, or hotels, do check out the online stores of leading suppliers.

Exceptional cleaning capabilities
Carpet cleaners offer unmatched cleaning results in extracting dirt and dust build up from the carpets. While vacuum cleaners simply eliminate loose particles of dust and dirt from the surface, the hot moisture ejected by heated versions of carpet washing machines penetrates deep down to the base of the carpets and removes every bit of dirt even from the carpet fibers. The toughest dirt build ups that have been absorbed by carpet fibers are then efficiently dissolved and extracted with the added power of heat.

Commercial areas are bustling zones that remain open for long hours. Cleaning experts are required to complete the maintenance jobs within these few hours and leave the place completely clean before it opens for business. Low flow carpet cleaners have been designed exactly for this purpose. By using a very low volume of water for the cleaning process, these walk-behind carpet washing systems prevent carpets from getting drenched. As a result, the carpets are able to dry faster.

Washing carpets the traditional way or using conventional carpet wash machines will make the carpets extremely wet and demand longer drying period of up to 24 hours. On the other hand, non-heated, low-flow carpet cleaners will allow carpets to dry in about six hours. If you need better drying rates, go for the heated versions of carpet cleaning machines that promise to dry carpets within one to four hours.

Unique technologies
Professional carpet washing systems offer simultaneous cleaning and extraction features. As the hot moisture dissolves the tough dirt buildup on carpets, accessories, such as a brush, can be used to loosen the dirt particles. Finally, the extraction function of the walk-behind carpet shampooer will help extract the dissolved particles and excess moisture.

For the best ever cleaning results in commercial settings, choose professional carpet cleaner equipment capable of generating moisture at temperatures of up to 210 ºF and pressure levels of 500 psi. In fact, the pressure levels attained by the best carpet cleaner machines from leading suppliers are about five times more than the pressure levels offered by conventional carpet shampooer machines.

Cleaning experts highly recommend purchasing box-type, walk-behind carpet cleaners, to maintain vast carpeted areas. Such versions have been ruggedly constructed to meet the heavy-duty applications in commercial and industrial settings. These carpet cleaning machines offer superior cleaning results, due to their continuous extraction function and pressure levels of 150 psi. To enable users to maintain large areas in the shortest possible time, the best carpet cleaner systems feature power cords of 50 feet in length and with cleaning paths of 20 inches.



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