Warning! Beware stormwater product


Warning! Beware of a storm water insert sold under the trade mark 'Safe Drain'.  This product holds water in the open position.  Standing water can present both odor and health issues.  In 2004, Cameron M. Colson patented a leading storm water drain insert that utilized a butterfly valve mounted inside the storm water insert that aided in spill control.  This Design was COPIED and sold under a trademark 'SafeDrain'.  This storm water pollution prevention design, while being very effective at containment, is actually aiding an issue that has recently become a HUGE pandemic issue.  IT HOLDS WATER!  Creating a pool of stagnant water to ferment.  A PETRIDISH of disgust that gives mosquitoes and bacteria a place to breed and thrive.  Don't take my word for it.  See for yourself.

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