Michael Braungart and Bill McDonough wrote in Cradle to Cradle that waste equals food. I’m here to argue though that for the everyday business owner waste doesn’t equal food, it equals MONEY. 

Why do I say this? My experience has been that the term “waste equals food” is still too radical for most corporate types and it doesn’t speak to executives in their language – that of the financial bottom line.  Furthermore, the phrasing completely ignores the fact that like time, waste equals money. So while I fundamentally agree with Braungart and McDonough and their “cradle to cradle” strategy, I truly believe the argument needs to go a step further and be framed differently; around the knowledge that for many businesses, tapping into their waste streams may be the easiest and quickest way to improve their profitability.

Let’s change the thinking from “offer your compostable waste as fertilizer and nutrients” to “capture your
waste to reduce your raw material costs, lessen your disposal costs, and make a profit at the same time”

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