Waste fleet safety: influencing driver behavior

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Every year, an estimated 20 percent of all fleet vehicles are involved in accidents. The direct and indirect costs of these accidents are tremendous. From insurance premiums, repairs and the administrative costs of collisions, to the potential threat of fatalities, serious injury and employer liabilities, safety initiatives are a critical concern for waste fleet managers and senior executives.

Accidents impact so many aspects of waste fleet and business operations that estimating the true direct and indirect costs is difficult—but the stakes are high and the risks need to be mitigated at all levels of an organization. The reality is that most accidents are avoidable, and effective safety management can reduce the risks significantly. A safe fleet can often reduce frequency of accidents by half.

CSA 2010
A new fleet safety rating system—known as the Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) 2010—is now being implemented across North America to score fleets and drivers on their safety performance. This underscores the burgeoning move toward greater safety and driver accountability. CSA 2010 is expected to have three major impacts:

  1. Driver performance files will be updated on a continuous basis to list all violations over a 36-month period. This will ensure complete safety transparency over a statistically significant period.
  2. A driver’s file will provide the entire history of the individual’s safety performance. This will make it easy to assess driving performance and habits.

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