Waste Free Offices. Eco-Efficiency Case Study.

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Xerox Limited, an arm of Xerox Corporation, has responsibility for European markets. Xerox Limited offers a wide array of document-related business solutions, products and services, and recently moved into the digital office equipment market. Xerox produces copiers, printers, scanners, faxes and provides solutions for document transfer.

Xerox Limited is dedicated to environmental issues. They are a signatory to the International Chamber of Commerce’s Business Charter for Sustainable Development . Xerox’s two equipment manufacturing plants, at Mitcheldean (UK) and Venray (NL), are certified to EMAS and ISO14001, and all four of Xerox Limited's Customer Business Units have been certified to ISO14001.

The company uses eco-efficiency to enable it to satisfy customers’ requirements for environmental and functional benefits, while at the same time improving its own operational efficiency while deriving economic benefit. This is done through waste free products, waste free plants and waste free offices.

Waste free products

  • reduced material mix – resulting in easier separation of materials for recycling
  • parts commonality – enabling the reusing of parts
  • multiple lives – avoids disposal of useful parts and optimized part life
  • serviceability – digital machines utilize ‘sixth sense’ diagnostics, which allow remote servicing and
  • eliminating ‘broken calls’ whilst minimizing service engineer journeys
  • easy disassembly – products designed for disassembly allowing reuse/recycling
  • packaging-free – reusable or recyclable pallets eliminate the need for traditional waste producing packaging
  • life cycle analysis – used in the design process to evaluate environmental impacts
  • life cycle costing – costing throughout all phases of the life cycle
  • customer requirements – delivering products which include customers’ requirements into the design process
  • materials recycling – as much material as possible is reprocessed or recycled, reducing resource consumption and providing an economic return through the purchasing of fewer raw materials document productivity – by making document management more efficient, Xerox is both satisfying its customers with higher flexibility and functionality while reducing material consumption.

Xerox has a commitment to energy efficiency, with over 90 per cent of products designed to meet Energy Star requirements and some products surpass the target values specified by the EPA.

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