Waste management planning in the Maldives


Courtesy of Sweco

The island paradise of the Maldives attracts many tourists every year, but more people means more waste and a greater impact on the environment. Sweco has therefore been chosen by the Maldivan Ministry of Environment to assist in finding a good solution for management of waste on the islands.  In the assignment, Sweco has been given responsibility for detail design of the new waste management facility and preparation of drawings, technical solutions and possible financing models. Due to the risk of a tsunami, it is also crucial for Sweco to design a structure capable of withstanding high waves and powerful vibrations.

Many of the islands in the Maldives are only a few meters above sea level. In view of the effects of global warming, it has been important that Sweco’s solution is not vulnerable to rising sea levels. Another challenge has been to develop a feasible system for waste collection via boat transports. Sweco’s solution includes composting and recycling as critical means for reducing waste volumes.

The work includes e.g.:

• Assessment of current waste management system, waste collection logistics by sea and institutional setup
• Site selection study incl. geotechnical investigations, soil analysis and land survey
• Capacity building and stakeholder consultation 
• Conceptual and detailed design of the new facility incl. planning of jetty, waste sorting, landfilling, leachate handling
• Financial and economic viability study incl. assessment of affordability, socio-economic impacts and willingness to pay
• Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and public consultation
• Development of procurement documents, monitoring plans etc.

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