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Waste not, want not: Efficiency is the name of the game for Ohio millwork company

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If the nation’s power grid ever goes down, chances are good that Baird Brothers Sawmill, Canfield, Ohio, wouldn’t miss a beat. That’s because the custom and stock millwork company uses natural resources and recycling for its power and heat generation.


“The unusual thing about our facility is that my father, Paul Baird, set it up so that we produce our own natural gas from wells drilled on our property, and we generate all our own electricity using natural gas engines,” says Terry Baird. “We take the excess heat off the engine exhaust and off the engine jackets using heat exchangers for our dry kilns to dry the lumber.”


To heat the plant, the company recycles about 75 percent of its wood waste into an AFS wood-fired boiler and returns the heat through the facility. The remaining waste is sold to area farmers for animal bedding.  In order to grind its wood waste down before feeding the boiler, Baird Brothers previously used a large grinder that created such a noise problem that the company’s wood waste system was relocated outside the building. Looking to eliminate the added material handling steps and streamline its scrap removal process, Baird Brothers replaced its grinder with three grinders from Weima America, located at various points in the production process.  “The Weima grinders are much quieter and more efficient than our previous grinder,” says Baird. “They don’t draw as much amperage to operate. The biggest benefit was we were able to move them right in line with the rest of our production.”


A three-pronged distribution approach


Baird Brothers started in 1960 as a sawmill. Today, the second-generation family business has evolved into secondary wood products manufacturing, including moldings, handrails, stair parts, tongue & groove flooring and paneling, S4S lumber and more. The company’s retail sales amount to roughly 95 percent of the company’s business, selling directly to homeowners and contractors. It competes head-to-head with retail lumberyards on its own turf, and has started wholesaling to some yards that are outside its serviceable area, which extends about 120 miles, including Cleveland and Pittsburg. Baird Brothers’ newest marketing efforts center on its increasing Internet sales.

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