Waste problem in Flaster Golf club was solved in one stroke - Case Study


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Falster Golf Club has an idyllic farmhouse built round a quadrangle not far from Skjørringe Manor in Falster, one of many islands in Denmark. In these beautiful surroundings you do not put up a big container for waste, and therefore the empty packaging from the restaurant and the proshop was concealed in a big room in one of the wings of the clubhouse. Here empty packagings were piled up until one of the employees once or twice a year spent a whole day clearing the room and putting all waste on a trailer to take it away to the furnace at the manor.

Fire risk of storing loose waste
Despite all this trouble the waste handling had so far been okay until the fire brigade officer came by and was really chocked by the fire risk of storing so many cubic metres of packaging. He demanded that the cardboard should be moved at least 7 meters away from the buildings and stored in a container, until it could be collected for disposal.

Jens Frederiksen, one of the three carpenters on the estate and also in charge of purchase, had previously worked with rebuilding supermarkets and had experienced how efficiently a baler could compact used packaging.

“I immediately said to my self – we have to get one of these machines for the golf club. With an old classic farmhouse we would never put up a container outside, therefore I thought that a baler would be the very best solution for us,” says Jens Frederiksen.

Falster Golf Club decided to invest in a B4 baler, which is one of the smallest Bramidan models, still it has a large filling opening for handling big cardboard boxes. The fire brigade officer accepted that the baler was placed in a gateway, where it compacts approx. one cardboard bale every week.

Easy handling for non-specialists
According to Jens Frederiksen, cooks and other staff from the Restaurant Køllegaarden are not specialists in handling the finished cardboard bale, eventhough it is quite simple. But all employees in the restaurant and the proshop are satisfied with the present waste solution, which can also be ideal for other golf clubs with more than 200 members. Falster Golf Club is owned by Skjørringe Manor and has over 750 members.

The employees in the restaurant are satisfied with the waste solution, which makes it easier to get rid of the empty packaging. At the same time the baler helps to keep the surroundings nice and tidy, and saves a lot of space.

After Bramidan supplied the B4 baler to Falster Golf Club, segregated and compacted plastic or cardboard can be sold for recycling, instead of having mixed waste in containers which is expensive to transport and to incinerate. To sum it all up – you avoid a lot of manual work and mess with empty cardboard boxes lying around.

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