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Waste recovery and recycling. Process intensification by ABC-100

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Recycling of industrial waste via use of electromagnetic field which is created by ferromagnetic particles is most effective among traditional technologies. ABC-100 or Intensifier of Technological Processes by PC GlobeCore is completely new device designed  for intensification of all chemical anf physical processes. Intensification of physicochemical processes on ABC permit to reach desire treatment degree, at the smallest expenses of energy and resources, we obtain an optimum result. Productivity of ABC is much higher than a ball mill, a vibrating mill and can be increase by using serial or parallel connection of ABC. Besides, in the Intensifier of Technological Processes occurs an additional activation of the disperse system at the expense of the collision energy. By using the ABC you consume low quantity of the reagent (in 2-5 times) and at the same time you treat the waste water from impurities to the lower values of maximum permissible concentrations.

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