Waste water from liquid detergent production


Courtesy of EVALED - Veolia Water Technologies

The Client

The Client is a multinational company with more than 250 production sites worldwide. The factory is the only location in Italy of this corporation for the production of cosmetics for personal care (cream or liquid). 80% of the production is for foreign markets.
Production lines work 24 hours a day, 6 days per week.

The challenge

The Client’s environmental targets, concerning water use and raw material use reduction, were the main drive to find a solution to reduce water consumption and sludge from the biologic plant.

The issue

Waste water from liquid detergent production

There were a few issues to solve: load problems of COD (surfactants) peaks causing frequent production downtime, difficulty in maintaining parameters within local legal limits, the relevant sludge production and the perspective of the internal plan (ISO 14000) to reduce water consumption and waste production.

Water coming from the different washing cycles of the different reactors and production lines undergoes an analysis and the fraction containing alcohol is separated. This fraction together with the streams containing surfactants is conveyed to a biological plant directly.

The more concentrated streams are conveyed to an accumulation tank, then they are conveyed to an EVALED system with vapor mechanical recompression, the outcome is a distillate with a low COD quantity that is conveyed to a biological plant, a 10% is further concentrated through an heat pump EVALED evaporator to reach a concentration of solids (salts, oils, surfactants and gel) of more than 40%.

Another target from the Client was to comply with its CO2 impact reduction for the production site.

Results and benefits

The target to reduce sludge production in the biological treatment and to reduce disposal costs was tackled and reached through the EVALED technology.

Thanks to the calculation system of CO2 kg in the use of EVALED units, a reduction by more than 95% of produced CO2 could be certified if compared to incineration.

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