Waste water plant struggles with contamination case study


Courtesy of Pentair Filtration Solutions, LLC

A plant in the southwest US commissioning a wastewater plant utilizing proprietary technology for the removal of benzene, toluene, and xylene, or BTX, was experiencing challenges with throughput and elevated operational costs due to the presence of particulate contaminants.

The plant takes the wastewater and processes it, removing the BTX prior to being fed to the conventional wastewater plant. The project was completed as to reduce the amount of BTX in the feed to below their permit limits.

At the time of start-up the plant had a dissolved gas flotation (or DGF) clarifier followed by one primary stage of self cleaning filters and then a secondary disposable cartridge filter. The plant was experiencing cycle times on the self cleaning filters of every 5 minutes and plugging up the cartridge filters 4 to 5 times daily. To mitigate these challenges the plant purchased an additional self cleaning filter at a capital cost of $60,000.

The plant was commissioned in early May and contacted Pentair Porous Media because the solids removal capacity of the existing equipment was not providing the level of fluid quality required by the BTX reactors and in turn was causing high
operational costs.

The additional capacity was unable to address the limitation for solids removal and the plant brought in one of Pentair Porous Media’s skidded ProcessOR particle separators to offload the solids removal of the primary and secondary filters. The rental skid was installed downstream of the DGF clarifier and upstream of the self-cleaning filters.

The skidded particle separator was able to significantly reduce the solids load on the primary and secondary filters on the BTX wastewater plant extending the self cleaning cycle from every 5 minutes to every 4 hours and increasing the secondary change out frequency to one change out per day. The use of Pentair Porous Media’s rental skid provided a savings in total operational costs of over $20,000 per month.

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