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Waste Water Treatment For Printed Circuit Manufacturers

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This article only considers normal PWB processing and examines the following metals, Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Lead, Tin, Gold, and the problem anions. cyanide and EDTA complexes. If you've added something new, check it's treatability first. All of these systems can keep you in compliance, even at 0.1 ppm, some will just cost you more to operate or require a 'patch'.

These days, everyone wants to recycle something. The latest and greatest thing over the last three to four years is recycling water from PCB plants. Millions of dollars have been spent on huge recycling systems without much thought on whether or not this is really worthwhile. What are the advantages and disadvantages of recycling and what are the problems you can encounter when recycling?

First, keep your eye on the ball. What do YOU want: Recycling, waste minimization, sludge reduction, low labor costs, automation, etc.? When any one of these is pushed to extremes, something else becomes more expensive.

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