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Waste water treatment, intensification of process

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Among the various methods such as homogenizing, mixing, neutralization, sedimentation, filtering, ion exchange etc. ABC-100 PC GlobeCore production is machines with vortex layer and it is widely used for:

·               wastewater treatment from hexavalent chromium and other heavy metals (under the influence of electromagnetic field we can extremely reduce reagent consumption at the expense of creation of dispersoid solution metals);

·               wastewater treatment from phenol (application of the ABC unit (or Intensifier of Technological Processes) makes it possible to simplify a manufacturing scheme, to reduce the temperature of an oxidation reaction to 20-25ºС, to reduce an oxidizer consumption to 2-3 g per 1 g of phenol and also to reduce reaction duration to the hundredth fraction of a second);

·               wastewater treatment from the cyano-containing compound (application of the ABC unit makes it possible to run an oxidation reaction of the cyanides and its decomposition to carbonate and ammonia to the one phase in alkaline medium with pH value 9:10);

waste water treatment from fluorine and nitro compound (application of the Intensifier of Technological Processes considerably simplify a manufacturing scheme, intensify duration of the reaction and increase efficiency).

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