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Waste Water Treatment Plant City of Oakley, UT


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The City of Oakley was very happy with their new MBR facility except for the filter bag sludge dewatering system that was very labor intensive and usually didn’t produce an adequately dewatered sludge. Scott Rogers of Aqua Engineering and Bob Johnson, the Operations Mgr., chose to replace the bag system with a 0.9 meter model DDP belt press system from BDP Industries. The DDP belt press processes the needed solids wasting from the MBR basins in less than 6 hours operation every two weeks; a significant reduction in operating time. The DDP also produces a dry cake with less polymer; a winner in every aspect.

In addition to the DDPTM press, BDP provided a complete system including: feed pump, polymer make up/metering system, discharge conveyor, venturi mixer, wash water pump and air compressor. The DDP belt press requires minimal floor space and is completely at operator level. The DDP is also manufactured completely from stainless steel, plastic and rubber to prevent corrosion and the need for additional maintenance. These benefits combine to provide the City of Oakley with a state-of-the-art, long term solution for solids dewatering.

Our special thanks to Scott Rogers for selecting BDP Industries and Bob Johnson for overseeing the installation.

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