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Waste Water Treatment Plant Thunder Valley Casino, CA


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The Waste Water Treatment Plant at the Thunder Valley Casino was in need of a cost effective way to clean out their settling ponds and then process the solids from their new Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR). However, they did not have the space yet for a permanent installation. The ponds needed to be emptied before a building could be constructed for the dewatering equipment. BDP was able to meet the client’s needs by supplying a skid-mounted 3DPTM belt press. The skid is outfitted with all the necessary equipment for processing the solids: control panel, belt press, polymer unit, wash water booster pump, hydraulic unit and venturi mixer. BDP also supplied a screw conveyor for loading trucks once the new facility is completed. The 3DPTM is currently emptying the ponds and will continue to handle the solids from the MBR process while a new building is placed where the ponds once were.

The 3DP offers the latest in dewatering technology. The Independent Gravity Thickening belt at operator level is the key to success on Thunder Valley’s dilute feed. The Vertical Pressure section produces the absolute driest cake with nearly crystal clear filtrate.

Our special thanks to Hydroscience (the contract operator and design engineer) for their help and support in making this installation a success.

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