Waste Water -Yangsan City, South Korea


Courtesy of Hanovia Ltd - a Halma Company

Hanovia Photon Systems
Installation Date – 2004.

System Configuration –
Four Hanovia Photon PMD500T12 Systems, complete with UV Monitors, Lamp Power Switching / Dose Control, Programmable Automatic Quartz Sleeve Wiper System.

Variable flow: Up to 1,625m3/hr per stream

Total Plant Capacity: 6,500 m3/hr

Secondary treated filtered: UV Transmittance 60 % in 10 mm cell at 254 nm Effluent Quality


Increasing water demand, industrialisation and waste water produced in South Korea has created an unacceptable pollution risk in the ground water supply. Expansion of existing, and the building of new waste water plants are being commissioned by the South Korean Government, and the use of UV Technology for disinfecting tertiary treated effluent is now mandated in the treatment chain. All secondary treated filtered waste water must be treated by UV waste water disinfection systems before discharge into rivers and lakes.

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