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Wastewater Force Main Management – Condition Data Analysis and Risk Assessment


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Armed with extensive preliminary analysis and actionable data collected through condition assessment, utility operators are able to make defensible decisions about their force mains. In the last part of our wastewater force main management series, we look at how operators can take a bulk in information to make risk-based decisions about their assets.

When evaluating how to safely and effectively extend the useful life of a pipeline, inspection data, structural assessment and a comprehensive risk evaluation should be considered to make sound engineering recommendations. The risk evaluation considers not only likelihood of failure (condition) of the force main based on the inspection data and structural modeling, but also the consequence of failure of a force main.

By identifying and repairing isolated sections that require intervention followed by a long-term management strategy, a utility can realize major capital program savings over replacement or large-scale rehabilitation. Through this holistic, risk-based approach, our clients hare significantly reducing their probability of failures and minimizing unnecessary financial expenditures on their force mains.

In an ongoing program aimed at renewing water and wastewater infrastructure, Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (WASD) has been able to renew its wastewater assets for only a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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