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Wastewater Force Main Management – Pipe Wall Assessment


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After completing a preliminary analysis and preliminary force main survey, operators can begin to do complete a more thorough assessment of their force main inventory. In the third of four posts about wastewater force main management, we look at the most effective method of pipe wall assessment.

With over 400 miles of force main inspected, Pure’s has found that less than 10 percent of pipelines surveyed have indications of distress. Our clients have found that pipelines do not typically fail systematically along their whole length; pipeline condition is usually related to localized problems due to design, manufacturing, installation, environmental, operational or maintenance factors. Often, it is one or a combination of several of these factors that lead to pipe failure.

Defects and deterioration of force mains can be wide ranging and can vary from one pipe material to the next. To identify defects in wastewater force mains, it is often prudent to use multiple techniques and inspection technologies. Pure’s engineering experience and suite of inspection technologies can be applied to address different operational challenges and pipe materials.

In an ongoing program with Baltimore County Department of Public Works (DPW), inspections have identified that only 3.3 percent of pipes surveyed have signs of deterioration.

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