Wastewater Force Main Management – The Importance of Preliminary Analysis


Courtesy of Pure Technologies - a Xylem brand

In the first of four posts about wastewater force main management, we discuss the importance of preliminary analysis in the overall management strategy.

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Preliminary analysis is an essential exercise in effective force main management. Collecting the right information through things like Gap Analysis, Risk Analysis, Hydraulic Evaluation, External Corrosion Evaluation and Structural Modeling helps to develop a prioritized plan that targets the most critical areas of a wastewater system. These critical areas are pipeline assets that have the highest consequence of failure (COF), the highest likelihood of failure (LOF), or both. In short, a failure to one of these pipelines is what keeps utility operators up at night.

This initial analysis can heed those worries by helping operators develop a plan to address their most critical assets with further evaluation to ensure service reliability and safe operation. This initial process also allows operators to choose the most appropriate inspection method based on different operational requirement or challenges, including lack of redundancy.

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