Wastewater master plan - south of Missouri river


Courtesy of Burns & McDonnell

Client: Kansas City, Mo. 
Completion Date: 1999 
Services Provided
  • Collection system modeling
  • Pumping station analysis
  • Combined and sanitary sewer wet weather flow management

Project Summary 

Burns & McDonnell performed a master plan of wastewater facilities for Kansas City, Mo., south of the Missouri River. The planning activities included developing population forecasts for the study area with three major service areas, which now serve approximately 340,000 residents, and projecting wastewater flows for collection system, pumping stations and treatment facilities.

The master plan included the preparation of a computer hydraulic model using XP-SWMM software for the Blue River Interceptor, which is the major system serving the study area. The interceptor serves the combined sewer system, as well as separate sanitary sewers. The model was used to assess the capacity of the system to handle current and future wastewater flows and to evaluate options for management of wet weather flows including combined sewer overflows. The modeling effort included dry weather and wet weather flow monitoring at 20 locations in sewers ranging in size from 24-inch to 96-inch, and for rainfall gauging stations. GIS has been used to delineate subwatersheds and to allocate population within census tracts to individual subwatersheds.

Master planning tasks also included investigation and evaluation of 12 wastewater pumping stations, including four major systems. The structural, mechanical and electrical condition of the stations was evaluated and necessary corrective measures identified. The hydraulic capacity of pumping stations was determined to evaluate whether there is sufficient capacity for current and projected flows.

A comprehensive report was prepared with recommended improvements, including planning-level estimates of probable construction costs.  Projects were prioritized and scheduled over a 20-year planning horizon to be completed when needed to serve projected growth in the study area.

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