Wastewater Metals Removal

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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Success Stories

Wastewater Treatment Metals Removal

Ton Nerve Gas Agent Container Rinse Waters

Mercury Removal Facility - Nerve Gas

IE was retained by a United States Army subcontractor to perform a process determination with analytical verification for the treatment of the rinse water from decontaminated nerve gas agents. The Pentagon Munitions Deconstruction Committee (PMDC) fully reviewed and approved the process developed. The wastewater was generated from the rinsing of 2,000-pound (ton) containers in a punch/drain/rinse process. In addition, IE was awarded the design/build project and onsite training/operational assistance.

Mercury Removal Facility - Nerve Gas

The wastewater contained over 4,000 ppm of mercury and 400 ppm of selenium that required the use of tight pH control and metal precipitation. The process control used a proportional ORP system in conjunction with the IE-061 metal precipitant to meet the required ORP set point, assuring that all of the metals were precipitated. The precipitated wastewater was then flocculated using Floccin-B and then dewatered with a plate & frame press. The effluent wastewater (filtrate) was continuously online monitored by an XRF analyzer that verified metal limits to be below the discharge limits (below 1 ppm for mercury).

Scrap Metal Recycling

This facility was mandated by the Regional Water Control Board to install a treatment system to treat the 8 gpm from their pressure washing operations. The pressure washer is used to remove the dirt mixed with oil and grease from the cranes and skip loader used in the loading and unloading of metal.

Scrap Metal Recycling Wastewater Treatability Jar Test

Integrated Engineers was hired to design and install (turnkey) a 100% water reuse system so the wash water from the pressure washer could be reused. The system used their existing sump and is comprised of a CFU-5 (treats at 10 gpm), post filters, and a 2,500-gallon water reuse tank. The CFU-5 uses Floccin-J and uses about 100 lbs/month to treat 40,000 gal/month. In 3 years of operation, the system has worked with minimal operator effort.

Scrap Metal Recycling Wastewater Treatment Packaged Plant

Fluorescent Bulb Manufacturer

The manufacturing of Fluorescent bulbs uses tin as the metal sealant at the end of each bulb. The facility was out of compliance for tin and asked IE, Inc. to provide a solution. IE, Inc. presented a turnkey system with flow equalization, pH adjustment and flocculation with a clarifier to remove the tin. Tin being a precious metal was recovered in the sludge and sent to Ohio for smelting. The recovered tin resulted in a 4-month payback of the wastewater treatment system.

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