LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

Wastewater Monitoring Series, Part 2: The Use of 2nd Generation ATP Monitoring Systems

In October, we featured Part I of a three-part series on 'Getting a Handle on Living Biomass in Wastewater Treatment.' Here, we present Part II of the series which focuses on a revolutionary breakthrough technology that uses Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) for the measurement of total microbiological content in a given sample.

Through years of successful research, development, and field application, a new 2nd generation method for measuring ATP in bioreactors is now available. Among its breakthrough products for measuring ATP in any type of water, the QuenchGone21 Wastewater test kit from LuminUltra Technologies Ltd. ( is designed specifically for application to biological wastewater treatment processes.  

The inability of 1st generation ATP test methods to overcome interferences within the system coupled with the inability to differentiate between living and dead biomass rendered the results provided by ATP testing inadequate.  LuminUltra has successfully overcome these deficiencies, bringing to market a test kit that can provide operators with a tool that provides the ability to optimize wastewater treatment and quickly troubleshoot process issues. For example optimization of food-to-microorganism ratio and solids retention time (SRT) allows users to improve process performance by establishing the optimum biological population required to treat incoming waste.