Wastewater Newsletter - Maintenance: reactive vs. proactive

Along with providing service and spare parts, ARLAT offers you an extensive maintenance program. Instead of trying to create time in your existing employee’s hectic schedule, have a service technician from ARLAT review your equipment and make recommendations for both your immediate and future requirements. Sign on to our program for a 2 month to 6 month review and site inspection. This program is one aspect of our company’s on-going effort to increase our level of customer service. Initially, the idea was restricted to servicing only ARLAT equipment, but has been expanded to cover a wide variety of equipment where our trained and experienced staff can be of service to you. We are on your site to work with you to help keep your equipment doing what it was meant to do, so that you and your staff can do what they need to do. ARLAT technicians can provide regularly scheduled maintenance as well as forecast potential problems. The ARLAT service department can also be counted on for the replacement of parts and/or equipment as required. Call ARLAT today for more information.

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