Wastewater Pre-Treatment for the food industry (vinegar and dressings)


Description of the plant

Highly polluted wastewater arises from the production of high-quality vinegar, delicatessen and mustard products. Most of the COD load here is formed by lipophil substances which have to be decreased before to municipal sewer net.

Peaks of load and flow are buffered in a mixing and balancing reactor to achieve an homogenised flow to the chemical-physical pre-treatment plant.

After a controlled adding of small amounts of chemicals for precipitation and flocculation in a tank reactor as well as neutralisation of the wastewater, a final pre-treatment and separation of sludge is executed by a high-effective dissolved-air-flotation (DAF).

Excess sludge is stored in a small storage tank and discharge in regular terms.

The pre-treated water is given to the municipal sewer net and the effluent sludge to a biogas plant.

Design Data

Wastewater: 72 m3/d
FOG in: 3 800 mg/l
FOG out: < 10 mg/l
Initial start-up: 2011

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