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Wastewater Reuse in Zinc Plating: Protectakote Pty Ltd


Courtesy of Protectakote Pty Ltd

 Protectakote Pty Ltd has implemented a waste water recycling system at its Geelong facility which is saving it approximately $19,600 per annum and had a very attractive payback of 0.7 years, even without full qualification of all the benefits.


Protectakote Pty Ltd (Protectakote) is a small metal plating and powder coating operation located in the Geelong region of Victoria. The company employs approximately 15 people.

The main operation involves cyanide-zinc plating of a range of metal components. High volume pieces, such as brackets, are processed in a barrel plating line. Larger pieces are processed using racks, or occasionally by hand. Components are finished with either a blue or gold chromate.

Zinc die cast components are also cleaned in a separate barrel line using an acid based cleaner followed by phosphate treatment.

The Process

Effluent from the two plating lines was discharged, via floor drains, to a central pit, where the pH was adjusted to a target value of 10. The effluent was then pumped to a series of holding tanks where it was held for approximately 24 hours to allow settling of the precipitated metals. The resultant sludge phase was then drained off through a manifold system fitted with a number of filter bags. The filtrate was discharged to sewer. The sludge filled filter bags were allowed to dry prior to disposal. The clarified effluent was also discharged to sewer.

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