Wastewater System Consent Decree Program Management case study


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City and County of Honolulu, HI
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

The City and County of Honolulu (CCH) manages over 100 million gallons of wastewater per day through a network of 2,100 miles of pipelines, 70 pumping stations and nine wastewater treatment plants. In 2010, CCH, the US EPA, the state of Hawaii and other non-government organizations entered a Consent Decree (CD) which consolidated previous enforcement actions and outlines a program of improvements to the wastewater collection and treatment systems on the island of Oahu. The compliance requirements range from facility and pipeline assessments, operational reviews and optimization plans to capital improvement planning and construction management.

HDR is serving as Wastewater Program Manager for the $3.5 billion program. HDR's overall service goal is to help CCH identify, plan and implement cost effective system improvements that protect the environment and return long term value. To enhance overall program management and delivery, HDR program teams are co-located with CCH staff. The contract is task order-based and includes a 'menu' of services. As a result of ongoing collaboration with CCH, the services provided are evolving as specific needs are identified, modified, or no-longer needed.

Strategic Program Management Approach
Due to the size and complexity of the program, a two-phased 'needs assessment' approach documented the current practices at CCH and identified opportunities for improvement to comply with the consent decree and implement industry best practices. Phase II compiles the opportunities into initiatives to:

  • Assist CCH with CD requirements.
  • Develop a strategic approach to identify high-priority initiatives and cost saving opportunities.
  • Prioritize opportunities for improvement and plan future initiatives - Individual opportunities for improvement were prioritized by CCH staff and grouped into initiatives. The initiatives were adopted and sponsored by CCH Management.
  • Develop workplans, schedules and resource forecasts.

HDR's program management services included developing program controls, providing management for the sewer repair and rehabilitation program and providing engineering oversight including 3rd party technical reviews and construction management.

Program Successes and Cost Savings to-Date:

  • Applied HDR's 3R algorithm to prioritize projects within the sewer condition assessment and rehabilitation programs.
  • Further developed CCTV IDIQ program to improve project efficiency and reduce time from assessment through rehabilitation.
  • Prepared and submitted the Annual CD Compliance Reports.
  • Developed and maintain detailed schedule with gate system for all 400+ CD compliance conditions.
  • Developed approach for providing progress feedback to the CCH Director of Environmental Services and his management team.
  • Mobilized a moratorium response task force: saved four years of response time and will allow redevelopment within the target basin to continue at currently anticipated levels.
  • Provided technical review of the Kailua tunnel sizing and associated criteria drivers.
  • Conducted Sand Island WWTP clarifier performance analysis and submitted recommendations to mitigate BOD excursions.
  • Provided peer review of system-wide hydraulic modeling efforts as a due diligence confirmation of the approach and results.
  • Provided NPDES permitting/modeling support.

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