Wastewater Treatment Basics


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Wastewater Treatment Basics

A Refresher on The Basic Wastewater Treatment Steps...

Basic Wastewater Treatment Flow Chart

All wastewater treatment follows the same basic premise, water used in manufacturing, agriculture, municipal, food processing, wineries, you name it gets dirtied with so called contaminants or production byproducts and needs to be cleaned, or treated, for reuse or discharge.

Basically wastewater treatment is cleaning used water. Nowadays, more and more wastewater recycling is happening as water supplies and costs tighten.

So at its core, wastewater treatment is a part of industrial ecology as inputs are re-inputted into the process, whatever that process may be. This can increase profits and reduce one's ecological footprint.

Our discussion here is focused on industrial wastewater treatment, utilized by various manufacturing industries, usually involving wastewater chemical addition of some sort.

Sewage treatment is an example of a municipal process that relies on biological wastewater treatment almost exclusively thus not needing some of these steps. Agricultural applications such as dairies and wineries too may use biological processes exclusively.

Here are the basic industrial wastewater treatment steps:

  • Step 1 – pH Adjustment If Needed
  • Step 2 – Wastewater Chemicals Addition
  • Step 3 – Liquid Solids Separation
  • Step 4 – Optional Biological Process
  • Step 5 – Sludge Dewatering
  • Step 6 – You're Done! (Sort of...)

We are using these steps to illustrated how taking an holistic approach to your process, including other than wastewater treatment, but the generation of wastewater and other aspects too, can be used to do what we call 'wastewater optimization', finding the weak links, and fixing them.

This creates a true 'win, win, win' situation, all areas are benefited with higher profits for industry, lower environmental impact for our environment, an overall more sustainable process, ultimately a truly sustainable wastewater treatment process as there really is no longer any 'waste', only raw materials for the same or other processes.

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