Wastewater treatment for a municipality


Description of the plant

At first, wastewater is pre-treated by a combinated sand and fat trap before further treatment is affected by a special screen. The accruing particles are collected in anti-septic plastic bags to avoid any personal contact because of hygienic reasons.

Based on the high varying hydraulic amount of wastewater, an aerated mixing and balancing reactor is installed before biological treatment. This also achieves a dilution of toxic components which might inhibid the biological treatment.

A final treatment is effected in an activated sludge reactor where organic substances are decreased by microbiological activity.

The treated water is separated from activated sludge in a sedimentation stage and disinfected before usage for agricultural irrigation. The integrated ARS-Process essentially contributes the stabilisation of sludge and assures a high safety in process operation.
Design Data

Waste water: 120m3/h
COD in: 600 mg/l
COD out: < 75 mg/l
BOD out: < 30 mg/l
Initial start-up: 2009

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