Wastewater Treatment for a soft drink processing company


Description of the plant

The wastewater from production and filling of mineral waters and soft drinks is pre-treated mechanically by a screen and buffered in an aerated mixing and balancing reactor. After equalization of flow and load the wastewater is given to the biological reactors where organic substances as sugar and other organic compounds are decreased by biological activity of microorganisms. The separation of activated sludge takes place inside a funnel-shaped  clarification and sedimented sludge is given back to the biological system by wearless, high economic air-lift pumps.

The integrated ARS-Process essentially contributes the aerobically digestion of sludge and assures a high safety and stabilisation in     process operation.

The quality of the treatened wastewater fullfills the high legal and environmental requirements and the water is drained into a nearby river.
Design Data

Waste water: 350 m3/h
COD in: 1.150 mg/l
COD out: < 100 mg/l
BOD5 out: < 20 mg/l
Initial start-up: 2007
Extension: 2008

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