Wastewater treatment for mining camps/oil and gas camps


Courtesy of Newterra

Mining and oil and gas camps operating in remote and environmentally sensitive areas become home to large work forces for extended periods of time. Supplying water for domestic use and treating large volumes of sewage and greywater can be a complex and expensive challenge. Improper wastewater treatment can lead to pollution of the surrounding ecosystems. Many jurisdictions have tightened regulations governing water discharge from mining and oil and gas camps.

Filter Innovations’ Membrane Biological Reactor (FII‐MBR) provides effective decentralized treatment for remote camp applications. These systems have been designed to effectively meet the requirements for greywater and sewage treatment. FII‐MBR’s are cost‐effective, efficient, easy to operate and produce ultra‐clean water which exceeds standards for water discharge and reuse. Due to the considerable expense required to haul waste water from camps, technologies that can offset costs by recycling and reusing water are becoming more and more economically advantageous. FII‐MBR systems produce effluent suitable for reuse for a range of activities including: equipment wash down, dust suppression, secondary toilet flushing and irrigation.

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