Wastewater treatment in Ukraine


Courtesy of Sweco

Lviv Vodokanal collects for treatment on average 320,000 m3/day of domestic (800,000 inhabitants) and industrial wastewater. The wastewater is treated at two  Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTPs) placed side by side some 15 km north of Lviv’s city centre. The plants have their own wastewater treatment system while the sludge treatment facilities are shared.

The total design capacity of the two plants is 490,000 m3/day. However, since the plants are old and do not work optimally, some 50,000 m3, or 15 % of the total inflow to the plant, is by-passed to River Poltva every day. Lviv’s two WWTPs are listed as “Hot Spots” by HELCOM. 

A project was initiated with funds from SIDA and the World Bank, aiming to increase the capacity of the two plants. This to eliminate by-pass flows and improve the wastewater treatment at the plants.  The main focus was to upgrade the inlet pumping station, screening stations and sludge treatment.

The services provided by Sweco together with the local partner Lviv State Design Institute, Lvivdipro-komunbud, included: 
• Feasibility study including design review 
• Detailed design
• Preparation of tender documents for a design-build contract to upgrade the WWTPs, including renovation of screening and sludge treatment fa-cilities
• Pre-contract services
• Construction supervisio


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