Wastewater Treatment Kipawa Eagle Village - First Nation - 2001


Courtesy of H2O Innovation

Since January 2001, a BIOSORTM system has been treating Wastewater of the first nation Kipawa, a community of 680
inhabitants in Western Quebec.

Stable performance, ease of operation, low maintenance and robustness provided with a BIOSORTM process make it a very satisfying solution for this client.


  • Inhabitants: 680
  • Design Flow: 125 m3/d
  • Implemntation Year: 2001
  • OPERATION: First Nation Staff
  • Treatment Process: 1) Septic tank 2) Regulation tank 3) Three Biofilter Biosortm

Description Of Process

BIOSOR is an aerobic Biofiltration process on a fixed organic support made primarily of sphagnum peat moss and wood shavings. BIOSOR treats liquid and/or gaz effluents. BIOSOR is particularly efficient in treating organic charges, nitrogen, pathogens and odour.

BIOSOR is recognized for its operational simplicity, low maintenance, efficiency and robustness. Ideal for:

  • Municipalities and communities of less than 2 000 inhabitants
  • Sites where technical or specialized staff is not available

Treatment Process

The BIOSOR treatment process is very simple; it includes only three (3) steps: a conventional septic tank with a capacity of 150 m³, enabling 24 hours of retention, a regulation tank, and then the Wastewater is sent to three (3) biofilters in parallel. Each biofilter has a footprint of 84 m2. The open air biofilters are solid and secure to walk on, and there is no odour emission. The process is considered an advanced secondary treatment for this application, maximum removal of BOD5, ammonia and TSS is attained. Tertiary treatment will be added if stricter norms on phosphorous and disinfection are to be met.


TSS, BOD5, ammonia removal performances observed during three (3) continuous years of operation, respected, at all times, the objectives given by the environmental authorities. Performance on disinfection showed an average of two (2) log removal.

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