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Wastewater Treatment Plant MSD of Buncombe County, NC


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The Metropolitan Sewerage District of Buncombe County was faced with high maintenance cost of existing equipment, poor reliability and increased incinerator cost. After extension research into dewatering options, it was determined that the most economical dewatering system was on-site dewatering with a belt filter press. BDP was the press of choice due to the 3DPTM belt filter press superior performance, simplified room layout and first class construction and reliability. A pilot study was conducted with a (1) one meter machine and out performed the existing (2) meter machines in throughput, dryness and filtrate.

The 3DP press dewaters in two distinct steps - 1) Gravity Thickening and - 2) Pressure Dewatering. This configuration provides maximum operator flexibility, high cake solids and higher throughput rates, and decreased incinerator costs. Based on cost savings from the 3DP, MSD purchased their new equipment with a direct purchase from BDP. These benefits combine to provide MSD with a state-of-the-art, long term solution for solids dewatering.

Our special thanks to the employees of MSD whose support and dedication during this project made the project a success.

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