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As an Australian leader in sewage treatment technology, Suncoast Waste Water Management (SWWM) has been serving the needs of isolated communities, mining locations and many other projects not connected to municipal sewage treatment systems, for more than two decades. SWWM offers you complete wastewater treatment solutions for any project! With the knowledge and understanding only gained through decades of experience, our team of expert engineers and designers can guarantee world class solutions in wastewater treatment and reuse.

Turnkey Solutions for Developers and Consultants
Our understanding of developer’s requirements is for “Integrated Water Cycle Management solutions” to satisfy all their needs in water recycle and re use with water that is “fit for purpose”.

Suncoast Waste Water Management’s turnkey solutions incorporates sale and product support, project management, engineering design, environmental solutions, site infrastructure construction, systems integration and commissioning and through-life support services.

As a single source in charge of the project, Suncoast Waste Water Management would consolidate the responsibilities of master planning, design development, engineering, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning and start up assistance.
In effect - Suncoast Waste Water Management would look after all your waste water requirements and ensure your plant performed as designed before handover to the operators.

The benefits of turnkey delivery are achieved by offering an approach that usually begins with the Master Plan; this is further developed through feasibility studies and conceptual designs. This is followed by project implementation; detail engineering design, approvals, procurement, construction, commissioning and set-to-work.

Suncoast Waste Water Management will collaborate with our client to meet their specific requirements by providing integrated multi-disciplined services such as:

• Preliminary advice
• Feasibility and land suitability studies
• Concept design and project planning
• Design and construct, design build operate, build own operate – transfer
• Life-cycle Management (operation and maintenance)

Suncoast Waste Water Management would produce a Site Based Management Plan prepared in accordance with your governing bodies as required. Site Based Management Plans are developed during a four phase process.

1. Preliminary Assessment to determine the optimum solution for the site.
2. An enhanced plan to submit to Stakeholder for Approval in Principle.
3. A comprehensive management plan to facilitate system design development and Stakeholder / Authorities approvals – Approval to Install.
4. Detailed engineering drawings and system installation manual, integration, commissioning, certification and operation – Approval to Operate.

A more detailed plan follows a nine-step process covering the master planning, design development, approvals and validation for water recycling schemes.

See Attached Nine Step Process (page 9)

Waste Water Treatment Solutions
The solutions provided by Suncoast Waste Water Management can be split into two distinct business operations:

1. Domestic Solutions: http://www.ozzikleen.com.au/_product_45528/RP10_-_Household_sewage_treatment_system

Ozzi Kleen RP10 (Waste Water Treatment Plant) - This product can be used anywhere it meets the local authority requirements. The product can be transported easily, can be manufactured under Joint Venture licence and is simple to service and maintain.

Ozzi Kleen GTS10 (Domestic Greywater Treatment System) - http://www.ozzikleen.com.au/_product_45528/GTS10_-_Greywater_treatment_system

When local authorities do not approve of processing black and grey water together, we can supply a wastewater treatment system for the black water and a separate system for the greywater. The Ozzi Kleen GTS10 is the domestic solution for grey water processing to maximise savings by supplying recycled water for reuse.

2. Commercial Solutions: http://www.ozzikleen.com.au/Commercial%20pages/commercial_products

In Ground Solutions - These are normally built onsite using concrete tanks or poly tanks above or below ground to any specification. Most parts are generic and can easily be maintained by less experienced operators. These types of systems are normally constructed over 4 – 6 weeks and require local resources (manpower, cement, engineers, project managers etc) to be available at the site locations.

Containerised Transportable Solutions – fully mobile, suitable for resorts, small communities, Islands, caravan parks, mine sites, emergency situations and construction sites. Systems are constructed in the factory under controlled conditions and tested before shipping. This means the plant should be “up and running” within a few hours of delivery if all other agreed infrastructure is already in place.

In Building Solutions – applicable for high rise and stand alone mixed residential developments. These applications can be constructed in basement car parks and are designed/specified during the master planning stage. Note: A retrofit system can be installed but space is usually the issue unless it replaces the existing system.

Suncoast Waste Water Management designs/constructs and installs Membrane Treatment Systems.

Your Preferred Service Provider

Financial Capacity - Suncoast Waste Water Management is a sound business, with solid profitability, efficient and effective cash flow management and strong balance sheets. We provide adequate Private Indemnity, Public Liability and Work Cover insurance coverage for the life-cycle of the contractual agreement.

Expertise - Our multi-disciplined staff are involved in consulting, engineering design, environmental services, OEM, water and wastewater systems, site infrastructure and life-cycle management. Our philosophy is to provide value for money by considering alternative solutions that preserve the integrity and serviceability of the project, and we place an emphasis on the importance of coordination with a full project team. Our aims are achieved through the diversity of experience and maturity of our team leaders.

Production Capacity - Suncoast Waste Water Management maintains a continuous operating factory to produce their vast array of sewage treatment plants and other water recycling systems. These systems are approved by local authorities throughout Australia.

Suncoast Waste Water Management employs a team of permanent production staff along with dedicated team of accounts and administration staff. Production staff is from multi-disciplinary backgrounds and predominantly qualified trades persons.

A separate team dedicated to commercial project design, development and manufacturing has also been established. Suncoast Waste Water Management staff will however operate as a team and resources are shared where necessary. Ongoing commitments fluctuate with demand however the company maintains staff levels to cope with peak periods.

Reputation - Suncoast Waste Water Management is arguably one of Australia’s leading experts in project specific waste water treatment plants and urban development and in fact has pioneered residential recycled water schemes - recent projects.

If you have a commercial project and would like more information, please complete this form and email back to info@ozzikleen.com or contact us.

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