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Wastewater Treatment System Design – Toronto, Ontario Case Study


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Our on-site partners at ESSE identified a client that was exceeding effluent objectives of 10 mg/L cBOD and TSS with their current aerated septic system.

Our Solution

Nine stands of our ClearPod fixed film media were incorporated into the main aeration chamber of an existing 12,000L/day treatment system to improve performance and meet/exceed effluent objectives.

The system consists of the following:

Wastewater Treatment System Design – Toronto, Ontario Case Study

The ClearPod fixed film media was installed in the Yacht Club and Marina Restaurant’s existing septic system on September 23, 2014. Previous to the installation, effluent levels were consistently above the objective of 10 mg/L. After the installation, effluent levels met or exceeded the objectives obtaining an average concentration of 3.6 mg/L cBOD and 5.2 mg/L TSS.


Recent wastewater sampling from this test site has indicated effluent from septic system after the addition of ClearPod fixed film media of ? 10 mg/L for both cBOD and TSS.

The results indicate an approximate removal rate of 77% for cBOD and 87% for TSS, significantly reducing the load to the subsequent leach field. This reduced loading to the leach field will significantly improve hydraulic flow and extend the life time of the system.

The facility is now able to consistently meet the required 10 mg/L TSS/cBOD

Upgrade Opportunity

No excavation had to be carried out and no new tanks were added to the system.
The ClearPod fixed film was added to an existing aerated tank. This clearly demonstrates the benefit of ClearPod fixed film media as compared to a conventional aeration system and the improved effluent that can be attained by the addition of ClearPod fixed film media.

Cost Benefit

The system was upgraded with the addition of 9 stands of ClearPod fixed film media to an existing diffuser/blower system. This shows how ClearPod fixed film can be easily integrated with new or existing systems and provide maximum utilization of new or existing aeration. The fixed film addition has provided the consistency of effluent required for this system, with minimal additional design/construction and no requirements for additional tankage. An out of compliance system was brought into compliance, for significantly lower capital cost than replacing a single tank in the system.

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