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Wastewater Treatment Using Crossflow Filtration Technology



It does not take a great deal of effort these days to recognize the attention being given to water availability and purity. If in a position of consumption, obtaining just a minimum supply is a struggle in some geographical areas. In other areas available water is tainted with contaminants making it unsuitable for use. Further, those fortunate enough to have ample supply in the past may now be facing shortages. From the generation point of view, regulatory activities and economics are forcing careful water treatment and re-use. So whether flowing into or out of a plant, water is a critical resource presenting unique purification challenges.

Fortunately, technology has provided capability to meet these challenges. And among water treatment technologies, crossflow filtration has emerged as one of the most effective. This discussion is intended to enhance the reader's understanding of crossflow filtration, through examination of its operational characteristics, critical success factors and effectiveness on selected waste water applications.

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