Wasting time and effort?

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Most waste collection and disposal companies (and even municipal waste departments) would be out there pushing the “waste-less” barrow to their customers and constituents, yet within these organisations, there is often a huge waste of time and effort in the double handling of data related to their operations amongst their staff, their sub-contractors and their internal departments.

Typical areas where you can dramatically reduce wastage of administrative time and effort are:

  • Regular collection run-sheet processes
  • Sub-contractor work allocation/review
  • Waste sales reps prospect data handling
  • Weighbridge data integration
  • Domestic missed services management
  • Departmental silo’s of data segregation

Using new systems data capture technologies and communications facilities it is now far more easy (and cheaper) to stitch together disparate systems and share information across your operations internally and also out to field workers, as well as sharing data beyond your organisation’s boundaries to link or share systems with your sub-contractors and even your customers and suppliers.

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