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WaStop Access protects residents in Lewiston NY, USA - Case Study


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Location: Lewiston New York, USA

Client: City of Lewiston

Problem: The effect of combined sewers (combined wastewater and storm water) and an area prone to flooding from the Niagara River, a section of Upper Mountain Rd in Lewiston New York have experienced repeated flooded basements. On a visit with Jeffery Ritter of the City of Lewiston, Bob Wiltshire of Koester Associates discussed the applications for and advantages of the WaStop in line elastomeric check valve in preventing back flows and flooding. Jeff thought their just might be an application in Lewiston where the WaStop might be put to good use.

Solution: A packaged residential WaStop unit was installed in the Fall of 2013 at a residence. Previous floods had cause damage in excess of $4000 per occurrence to the basement furnishings at this location. Since the Wapro Access unit was installed there have been no more flooded basement situations. The home owner can now have peace of mind knowing that their property is protected with an innovative, dependable and uncomplicated valve.

Design: Wapro Access Chamber with WaStop module. Note the 8 foot deep extension tube installed as a riser from the Wapro Access chamber.

The Wapro Access Chamber is a complete inspection chamber Ø400 (NPS 16″) with DN110 – 160mm (NPS 4-6″) connections. Inside the chamber is a WaStop check valve to prevent backflow. The ‘easy-remove’ check valve makes the chamber easy to rinse. The check valve can be removed from ground level. Wapro Access Chamber can be installed in sewage, drainage and surface water networks.


  • Easy access from ground level.
  • Easy to inspect – simply lift manhole cover and pull up the WaStop module
  • Delivered complete – inspection chamber and check valve in one

Thanks to Koester Associates for supplying this information. www.koesterassociates.com

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