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Water is the most valuable asset on earth, which determines to a significant extent the development of life in all corners of the world.

95% of the amount of water on earth is chemically bound in rocks making it impossible to utilize and be part of the hydrological cycle.

Of the remaining 5%, 97% is saline found in oceans and seas, while the remaining 3% is distributed:
• 2,37% in polar ice and glaciers
• 0,6% in deep underground aquifers, which are not exploitable
• and finally 0,03% in rivers, lakes, groundwater’s and other forms for utilization.

The remaining 0.03 percentage of water is distributed:
• mainly to agricultural land and crop irrigation
• to the livestock industry
• and a very small percentage for potable use

There is frequent reference to phenomena such as global warming and its devastating consequences, floods, heatwaves and other extreme weather conditions that result in problems with the available water reserves.

For these reasons, it is imperative to take measures and progress with actions aimed at enhancing the protection of this natural wealth.

In recent years, many regions of Greece have chosen to change the type of crop they cultivate to achieve a reduction in water consumption. A typical example is in Thessalia where cotton crops were converted to almond crops that require less water.

In addition, to ensure efficient water management in irrigation, environmental laws have also been enacted which:
1. prohibit the construction of drilling in surface areas or pressure networks, unless drilling water is for ice protection.
2. enforce the installation of water meters in drilling projects

All of the above render to a certain extent to proper water management. However, in order to contribute to the evolution of Green Development, it is important to develop applications for the sustainable use of water.

Palaplast’ technical support department not only provides services for irrigation schemes but also emphasizes on supporting farmers both before and after the purchase of products, ultimately aspiring to build trustworthy relationships and provide irrigation solutions that aim at efficient management and preservation of water.

Water provably has been present for approximately 4 billion years.  However, over the years, its consumption by humans will lead to its complete elimination, so it is important to understand that every drop of water is essential and valuable.

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