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Water and environmental analysis according to US EPA regulations using the lambda 25/35/45 UV/Vis spectrophotometers


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UV/Vis spectroscopy is an important analytical technique used for the determination of many water constituents. Environmental regulations in many countries prescribe the use of UV/Vis spectroscopy. Depending on the method, UV/Vis determinations of metal and organic nonmetal analytes in water have a minimum detectability in the ppb-ppm range.

The Lambda UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

The Lambda 25 as well as the Lambda 35 and 45 UV/Vis spectrophotometers are ideal for environmental analysis. These instruments not only have high optical quality and excellent performance specifications, but offer a wide range of accessories commonly used for water analysis, including long pathlength cells and cell holders, flow through sipper systems, autosamplers, and Peltier temperature controlled cell changers. The Lambda 25/35/45 systems are completely computer controlled through the advanced UVWinlab V5 software, featuring full 32-bit Windows XP compatibility. The Lambda 25/35/45 spectrophotometers all feature a wide UV /Vis wavelength range (1100 nm to 190 nm), and are optically true double beam instruments, ensuring long term photometric stability and improved precision of assays. The Lambda 25 and 35 units utilize a single grating monochromator, whereas the Lambda 45 incorporates a double grating monochromator for reduced stray light and providing an extended dynamic range.

Additionally, the Lambda 25/35/45 spectrophotometers all feature high bandpass resolutions (as low as 0.5 nm), sufficient to fully resolve the absorbance peaks characteristic of all the environmental test procedures, including the narrow bandwidth chlorophylls. A summary of the technical specifications is shown in Figure 2.

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