Water and wastewater projects in Jordan


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About 70% of Jordan has an annual rainfall of less then 100 mm. The population and water demand have increased during the last years and the groundwater resources are in danger of drying out. As the population continuous to grow it is necessary to find new resources to meet future demands of water for municipal, industrial and irrigation purposes. The two projects, As-Samra and Disi, aims to improve the situation.

The new As-Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) will replace an existing overloaded and inadequate waste stabilization pond treatment system. The plant will provide proper wastewater treatment for virtually all the wastewater generated in Greater Amman area, and will be able to handle an average flow of 267,000 m3/day. The effluent from the new plant will meet Jordanian standards for discharge into streams and wadis and will allow safe reuse of treated water for irrigation.

The AS-Samra WWTP is a BOT (Build Operate Trans-fer) project and the concessionary Suez Environment, Ondeo Degremont and Morganti Group will build and operate the plant during 25 years (2-3 years of construction, started in 2004). More importantly it will eliminate more than 90% of the pollution using advanced solutions to treat both wastewater and biosolids (digestion and composting), not to forget the power generating turbines installed up-& down-streams of the plant to ensure a self sufficient energy system.

VAI VA-PROJEKT, since 2002 a 100% subsidiary of Sweco, was in March 1998 awarded a Consultant service contract for the following items:

• Study of different investment scenarios with review of project feasibility
• Preparation of procurement documents for the selected option
• Technical assistance in evaluation of prequalifications
• Technical assistance in tendering, tender evaluation and preparation of contract
• Supervision of the contractor during the construction

The Disi Project

The main objective of the Disi-Mudawwara to Amman Water Conveyance System project is to supply additional sustainable potable water to the Greater Amman Area to satisfy water demands and prevent deficits. Although its capacity might eventually be increased, the project will initially produce and transport to Amman on average 100 million m3 of high quality water per year during 25 years.

A reservoir (12000 m3) in the Disi-Mudawara area will collect water from in total 37 wells, pumping water from a finite underground water source. From there the water will be conveyed through a 325 km steel pipe, diameter 1600 mm, to a reservoir in Amman. The project also includes pumping stations, treatment facilities as well as service roads and electrical supplies.

A full feasibility study on all technical, economic, financial and environmental aspects of the project was completed in 1996. Additionally, a preliminary design study and tender documents including geotechnical investigation were completed in 1997. Sweco’s service contract includes assistance in finding a financial solution in order to realise the project. The assignment also includes technical assistance in tender evaluation and preparation of contract.


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