Water balance estimation via SESOIL: Pinios River Basin, Greece

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The mathematical modelling of a river basin water balance is a complex process which requires extensive calibration and the use of data that are frequently not available. The seasonal soil compartment model, SESOIL, of the USEPA, is an international tool well suited for this purpose. Knowledge of the water balance on an annual or a monthly basis is particularly important in regions with increased water demand and limited resources. SESOIL has been applied to the Pinios River Basin in Central Greece. Observed input and simulated output are discussed. The model behaved well. The study extends the use of SESOIL which can be run with limited calibration compared to other models in the literature and with data readily available in Europe such as the Corine land cover. Simulations can be used for water allocation practices, water related impacts due to climatic changes and other human activities indicated in the new EC Water Framework Directive EC/2000/60.

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