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Water Conservation: A Vital Consideration in Industrial Water Treatment


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Groundwater shortages, EPA regulations, aquifer pollution, and increasing restrictions on the use of chemicals in open recirculating cooling & process water systems have driven the need for alternative technologies in this sector of industrial water treatment.

The VRTX Technology is a mechanical water treatment system designed to address this alternative need in cooling and process fluid systems. The VRTX system uses the documented phenomena known as hydrodynamic cavitation as its basis for addressing the following cooling and process water treatment requirements:

  • Reduction of ground, municipal and surface water consumption accomplished by recycling and increasing the operating cycles of concentration in the above said process and cooling water systems.
  • Minimization of the cost associated with consuming the aforementioned source waters.
  • Elimination of harmful and environmentally unfriendly water treatment chemicals currently used to treat these process & cooling water systems.
  • Minimization of a now chemical free process & cooling water effluent that can be returned to the aquifer with no environmental consequence.
  • Minimization and elimination of POTW surcharges for discharging this now reduced, environmentally friendly effluent.
  • Control and elimination of harmful microbiological activity in the recirculating process & cooling water without the use of bio-toxins.
  • Prevention of calcium carbonate scale formation on the waterside surfaces of process condensers and cooling towers, thus reducing energy and fossil fuel consumption and costs.
  • Elevation of the recirculating water pH to an environmentally acceptable yet non-corrosive range for process metallurgy, thus increasing reliability and preserving capital assets with no negative environmental consequence.

There are currently over 500 VRTX systems in operation throughout the U.S. and Mexico; several of these units have been in operation for over 10 years. As of February VRTX was introduced in Europe by HydroXS of the Netherlands.

Aquifer preservation, replenishment and proper management of the existing groundwater resource will help reduce the present & future fiscal requirement in the rebuilding and expansion of our nation's antiquated water treatment infrastructure.

It is thought that the VRTX Technology will continue to have a positive impact in this regard through groundwater conservation and environmental responsibility toward this nation's future water needs.

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