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the Water Corporation was established under statute as a corporatized entity. The mission of the Water Corporation is to conduct a successful business providing quality water and wastewater services to customers to enhance their lifestyle and to support the future development of the State.

Asset Monitoring Services was established within the Corporation to undertake data collection to support the planning and operation of Water Corporation assets. It specialises in the areas of hydrographic and environmental data collection and monitoring. The group has a long history of achievements in the industry through its previous association with the Water Authority of Western Australia and the Public Works Department of Western Australia.

Asset Monitoring Services employs 23 permanent staff and a varying number of other specialist staff under contract. It also maintains an extensive network of specialist support providers including analytical laboratories and instrument repair and calibration facilities. The group has an instrument and equipment asset base nearing $0.75m deployed in both permanent field locations and mobile sampling and testing units.

Asset Monitoring Services utilises specialist trained hydrographers and the latest technology in computing and data management systems and all work is carried out to recognised Australian and industry standards.

Products and Services

  • Water Quality Measurement
  • Sampling of streams, drains, reservoirs, lakes & swamps
  • Sampling of groundwater
  • Chemical & biological water quality measurements
  • Profiling of reservoirs & lakes
  • Flow Measurement
  • Flow measurement in streams, open channels, wastewater & drainage systems
  • Calibration of weirs & control structures
  • Flow velocity measurement
  • Water Level Measurement
  • Water Level measurement in reservoirs, lakes, swamps & drainage basins
  • Groundwater level measurements
  • Meteorological Measurement
  • Rainfall measurement
  • Evaporation measurement
  • Other meteorological measurement
  • Sediment Measurement
  • Sediment & soil sampling & analysis
  • Monitoring Station Establishment
  • Design of monitoring structures
  • Installation of monitoring equipment
  • Data Management
  • Storage of monitoring data
  • Reporting & presentation of monitoring data
  • Consultancy Service
  • Advice on monitoring equipment & procedures
  • Training

Hydstra Software in Asset Monitoring Services

Asset Monitoring Services operates and maintains a network of data collection installations on Water Corporation assets. The installations are situated primarily in metropolitan Perth with some smaller numbers in country regions. The network includes approximately:

  • 35 Stream and drainage gauging stations
  • 5 Reservoir level stations
  • 20 Meteorological stations
  • 40 Groundwater stations
  • 650 Sewerage Pumping Stations
  • 120 Domestic Water Use monitoring stations
  • 70 Maximum height recording stations
  • 40 Water Quality sampling stations
  • 16 Lake water & sediment quality stations

Monitoring also includes ad-hoc projects to monitor sewer flows and various other minor sampling and gauging programmes.

Most sites collect data continuously with a standard logging interval of 5min, however some sites require smaller logging intervals (eg. Sewerage Pumping Stations and Domestic Water Use sites 1min & 10sec respectively).

Asset Monitoring Services has a range of gauging and data logging equipment. The majority of the data logging is based on Unidata logging equipment. Other equipment includes OTT and RIMCO products.

Hydstra is used as the primary software platform to store, analyse and present the data. The data compression algorithms within Hydstra ensure that the large volume of data can be stored and retrieved efficiently.

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