Water Distribution System Security Monitoring


Courtesy of Real Tech Inc.

A water security instrument essentially needs to be able to detect potential contaminants in drinking water. Since a significant number of potential chemical contaminants are organic in nature, a water security monitoring instrument that can detect organic matter in water is perfect for this application.

Real Tech has developed an instrument specifically designed for water security applications called the Real UV254 Security monitor (or model M4100). The Real UV254 Security monitor was recently evaluated by the U.S. EPA’s National Homeland Security Research Center (NHSRC) Technology Testing and Evaluation Program (TTEP) with excellent results.

The Real UV254 Security monitor allows detection of sudden changes in organics levels using UV absorbance at the 254nm wavelength. These small, sudden changes in UV254 indicate that the chemical composition of the water is different than the normal composition, signifying a potentially harmful contamination event has occurred.

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